Who Flies There?

OpenFlights Southwest

I led three sessions at FTU Advanced last weekend, and all of them were open ended. But for the most part I was leading people through different tools like ExpertFlyer, Award Nexus, and ITA Matrix. I'll spend some time over the next couple weeks revisiting the most common questions to help those of you who couldn't make it or who may need more practice before you can do it on your own. One popular question was how to figure out who flies … [Continue]

Hacking Award Seats to South America – All 132 Routes

Consider GIG-GRU, EZE-MDZ and LIM-CUZ are 4,500 avios, but can be upwards of $500 cash fares due to taxes.

Given our past attention to places farther from home, we round out the next part of this series with a look at award seats and routes to South America. Part 1 - Hacking Award Seats to Europe - All 403 Routes Part 2 - Hacking Award Seats to Asia - All 177 Routes Part 3 - Hacking … [Continue]

Hacking Award Seats Down Under – All 31 Routes to Australia/NZ

gcmap - all oz-nz routes

Over the past two weeks, we looked at finding the routes with the least demand to Europe and the Asia: Hacking Award Seats to Europe - All 403 Routes - Part 1 of 5 Hacking Award Seats to Asia - All 177 Routes - Part 2 of 5 In this next short installment, we look at some of the … [Continue]

Kimpton Revamps Loyalty Program: Karma Rewards

Introducing Kimpton Karma

Last year I matched to Kimpton's loyalty program, InTouch, and made good use of it with stays at Hotel Vintage Plaza in Portland, EPIC Hotel in Miami, Lorien Hotel & Spa in Alexandria, and Alexis Hotel in Seattle. Alexis remains my favorite, though it didn't hurt that my wedding party … [Continue]

Did Hyatt Outwit The Devil’s Advocate?


Devil's Advocate is a weekly series that deliberately argues a contrarian view on travel and loyalty programs. Sometimes the Devil's Advocate truly believes in the counterargument. Other times he takes the opposing position just to see if the original argument holds water. But his main … [Continue]

Hyatt and MGM Create New Digital Hub for Las Vegas

Make Vegas Yours

I've been fairly impressed with Hyatt Gold Passport's online media efforts lately. They had a blog for a while, but sometime last year they relaunched Keyed into Hyatt, which has since offered some really stellar content surrounding their different properties and corporate activities. I … [Continue]