View United PQD Progress for 2013

Reader @kziel shared an awesome trick on Twitter this morning that can reveal your Premier Qualifying Dollars for 2013 as well as other metrics that determine qualification for elite status on United such as the minimum four segments on United-operated flights and the number of Premier Qualifying Miles accumulated.

Although PQDs will not factor into elite status qualification until 2014, it is helpful to have a look at them now when you already have a sense of how much you spent in 2013 and what kind of status you’re likely to receive.

Kris says this should work for other browsers, but not being technically savvy in that area, I will only give instructions for Chrome. (Update: Chrome appears to be responding with an error message, suggesting United has implemented a fix. Try a different browser, or see the link Wandering Aramean provided in the comments to an alternative method.)

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to Log into your account and visit the ‘My Account’ page.
  2. Open the Console by pressing Command + Option + J (Mac) or Control + Shift + J (PC).
  3. Copy and paste the following command in the Console, then press Enter. (Ignore the link; just copy the entire line.)
  4. A new window will pop up with your elite progress summary.

The results can be truly scary!

United 2013 PQD

Two of my readers have earned Premier 1K status this year and have accrued just under $5,000 PQDs for 2013. That’s not even enough for Premier Gold status under the new program rules. If this were 2014, they would earn Premier Silver despite flying over 100,000 miles. I’m not at the end of the year yet, but I’m nowhere close.

Only $2,791 PQDs with 66,300 PQMs. Normally that would be considered a good cost-per-mile, especially considering that PQDs do not account for mandatory taxes and other fees. But there’s no way I could requalify for Premier 1K status with this kind of spending pattern next year. I would have to start shelling out left and right for domestic first class tickets and international W fares (at least I would get to use my GPUs, but in the past I’ve been content to give them away or settle for domestic upgrades).

Be afraid. Be very afraid. If you were thinking, like me, that it might still be worth sticking around with United after the recent award chart changes, think again because now you might very well lose your status in addition to affordable awards on Star Alliance partners.

Remember that there are two exceptions to the PQD requirements for elite status in 2014. First, you can have an address outside the United States. I know some people have said they’re using a friend’s address in Canada or something like that. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort, and I’m not sure you will evade United’s scrutiny. If I were them, I’d run an audit and follow up on people who are always departing Seattle but with an address in Vancouver.

Second, you can spend $25,000 per year on a United co-branded credit card to waive the PQD requirement. However, this will not waive the requirement for Premier 1K status. I have already decided to settle for Premier Platinum next year, and so I may go this route. But I am seriously considering an American/Alaska status run next year.


Scott created Hack My Trip while traveling on a budget during graduate school and continues to share his thoughts on better travel. He maintains elite status with American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hyatt, and Starwood.
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  • bmvaughn

    I’m the guy that spent $4344 to make 1K this year.

    Really no reason to stick with UA after I hit 21k more miles to make MM. Hello Alaska!

    • nimishgupta

      No offense intended, but UA is probably going to be delighted to have fewer 1Ks who spend $4K/year. This is exactly what they want to achieve.

      • bmvaughn

        No offense taken, I was just buying flights that they offered for sale.

  • Wandering Aramean
  • mansa

    It should be CTRL+shift+J (for PC)

    • Scottrick


  • Biggles209

    I have the “Presidential Plus PQD waiver Eligible” even though I have never had the Presidential Plus card – I do have the old United Select card though

    • Scottrick

      Interesting. I also have the Select card, but no waiver. Do you have the MileagePlus Club card? I wonder if they’re misinterpreting that.

      • Biggles209

        I do have the Club card also. According to the small print, this exempts you from the 4 flight segment minimum, but not the PQD requirement. Must be a bug.

      • Kris

        I’m not sure that is linked yet, I know someone who spends >$25K/quarter and it indicates not met.

  • BradR

    Hmm, not working for me. Crome spits back “SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL”

    • Scottrick

      It stopped working for me, too. I suspect United has caught on to our little trick. I suggest trying a different browser or using Wandering Aramean’s alternative approach (I’m not sure if it actually any different or just easier to use).

      • Kris

        It was working at the time of that post, but it has been pulled as of 1:05pm mountain.

        • Reed

          It’s still working for me at 3:34 PM PST on 11/20. The Chrome error is because the quotes used are PC-style smart quotes, so try this:


  • jackline

    works for firefox console too

    i’m 97.3K PQM for $5620 PQD, or 5.77 cents of PQD per PQM … not as good as Scott, but definitely on the low end of things which UA is trying to get rid of

  • Phil

    102 PQM and $8950 PQD. I’m a regular business traveler (mostly transpacific and transcon flights) , I don’t do mileage runs, I book W (or even more expensive) fares to use GPU’s on international flights , and I still I wouldn’t quality under the new rules! This will be tough, but it will definitely make more space for upgrades.

    • Scottrick

      Or upgrade space could drop if you have to book paid F just to earn your PQDs. It will be interesting to see how the next year plays out.

  • Jim

    You also can use Delta, AA, others or AS to post to AS. If you really like UA that much get the Club CC and spend $25,000.

    • Scottrick

      Reciprocal upgrade policies are the main reason I’m not willing to move everything over to AS.

      As for the MileagePlus Club card, I don’t really value the United Club anymore after their recent “enhancements.” To merit paying the $395 annual fee, I would have to do $79,000 in manufactured spend, earning 1.5 miles per dollar.

  • Antonio

    We’re all just going to change to foreign addresses anyhow…

  • Ed C.

    I was actually shocked (the other way) to learn that i’ve spent over 10k this year. I usually buy the cheapest tickets available, but I guess I wasn’t cheap enough.

    • Scottrick

      Looks like you’ll have the front cabin all to yourself in a couple years!

      • Ed C.

        … or I just need to tone down my UA flying :).

  • nelton

    followed instructions and it poped up a new window, but i dont see qualifying dollar row ;( i guess united fixed this error?

  • Biggles209

    It is working again

    • Biggles209

      No it isn’t – the PQD is missing.