Targeted Offer: 50,000 MR to Upgrade Amex PRG To Platinum Card

Amex Platinum Upgrade Offer

I don't normally like to talk about targeted promotions, but when it comes to credit cards there seems to be more opportunity than with other companies to talk your way into getting a similar offer once you know it exists. (Chase is a particularly good example.) In this case, my wife was … [Continue]

Level Skies: An Alternative to Individual Fare Locks

Level Skies Search

I mentioned the introduction of 72-hour fare locks on British Airways this weekend and reminded you about existing options from United Airlines as well as Options Away, which lets you purchase options on additional carriers by taking on themselves the risk of fare increases. When I … [Continue]

Using United’s “Expert Mode” to Find Upgrades

United SFO-HKG W fare with Upgrade Space

I've had several people ask me recently how to search for upgrades on United Airlines. It's not immediately obvious because United no longer allows tools like Expert Flyer to access its inventory. However, United does have an in-house tool called "Expert Mode" that will display inventory … [Continue]

Redeem 85 Miles to Keep Your United Account Active

United Digital Media Store

Most airline loyalty programs require you to have some kind of account activity every 12-24 months or else you'll lose your miles. I'll provide a more thorough breakdown of your options in a future post, but I want to call out what I think may be one of the cheapest options available for … [Continue]

Get $25 for Joining Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (*for WA/OR Residents)

25 for joining Alaska Mileage Plan

I don't normally pay attention to ads on the Internet, but I do when it concerns my own blog. It's good to have some idea of what sponsored content is appearing alongside my own -- and amusing to see what Google thinks I'd be interested in. Update: A reader pointed out that this is only … [Continue]

British Airways Adds 72-Hour Hold for a Fee

British Airways 72 hour hold

British Airways announced this week that it is offering a 72-hour "fare lock" service very similar to one already offered by United Airlines. For just $10 on flights originating in the U.S., you can hold a quoted itinerary and pay that same price when you go back to book up to three days … [Continue]