PointsHound Helps You Earn Miles with 18 Partners on Your Next Hotel Booking

PointsHound Partners

It's been a while since I've mentioned PointsHound on this blog, so I decided to provide a reminder about this booking portal that makes it easier to earn extra frequent flyer miles when you reserve your next hotel. They now have 18 partners, including airlines and other loyalty programs. … [Continue]

How to Save Money on Your Next Hotel Stay


Whether spending two weeks on an island or a weekend in the big city, booking a hotel can be the most important part of any travel budget. The flights are probably more expensive individually, but that hotel rate kicks in every day and could determine other costs like resort fees, meals, … [Continue]

About to miss your flight or have a tight connection?


If you’ve ever found yourself sprinting to the airport because you’re late for a flight or biting your nails on the tarmac because of a tight connection, here are a few pieces of advice that could give you the few precious minutes you need to catch your flight.   Take a taxi, … [Continue]

Should You Bother Trying to Win 1 Million Points from Expedia Rewards?

Expedia 1 million points

Expedia Rewards and MasterCard are running a promotion right now in which customers who book a trip using a MasterCard as payment will be entered to win a prize of 1,000,000 Expedia Rewards points. In addition, five runners up will each receive 100,000 points. Should you even care? I … [Continue]

T-Mobile to Offer Free Texting on GoGo-Equipped Flights

T-Mobile GoGo texting

T-Mobile's PR office reached out to tell me about a new service for travelers. Beginning September 17 they will be offering all customers free text messaging on planes equipped with GoGo's in-flight Internet service (U.S. flights only). You just need to access the GoGo hotspot and then … [Continue]

Evolution of Mid-tier vs. Top-tier Elite Status

If you've flown Swiss or Singapore, you'll know that this is far too many business class seats to cram into a cabin.

While it’s great to have elite status on several airlines and many hotel chains, it sometimes boggles me how airlines and hotels design their mid-tier and top-tier elite structures. Elite Status is kind of nice, but it can be hard to use the benefits I recently commented on Scotts’s … [Continue]