How to Use ITA Matrix to Avoid (or Find) Codeshares

Codeshares 1

Many airlines operate codeshare flights. These are flights operated by one carrier (sometimes referred to as "the metal") but sold with a different flight number. For example, American Airlines doesn't operate any flights between Seattle and San Francisco despite serving both airports from … [Continue]

My Hyatt Concierge (Yes, Mine!)

My Hyatt Concierge

Hyatt Gold Passport is testing a new service it calls "My Hyatt Concierge," which was first shared yesterday by Loyalty Lobby and View from the Wing. But unlike Gary, who's already a member of the existing Private Line service, I was actually one of the people fortunate to be selected for … [Continue]

Silvercar Is Expanding to Denver, Plus Save $50

Silvercar Denver

Next to the winding roads of California's wine country and coastal areas, I can't think of a better place to take advantage of Silvercar's all-Audi A4 fleet than Denver and the nearby Rocky Mountains. They'll start taking reservations in a couple of weeks for rentals starting in August. … [Continue]

Me and Jimmy Down By The “Wanna Get Away” Fares


A few weeks ago when I wrote about high annual fee premium credit cards (see "The First Step To Recovery Is Admitting You Pay High Annual Fees"), I talked a little bit about Jimmy, a good buddy of mine. Jimmy (whose name has not been changed to protect his anonymity because his name is … [Continue]

Discounts on Alaska Airlines to SoCal, Boston, and Mexico

Alaska Mexico

Alaska Airlines has a couple of promotions out that caught my attention recently. The first is a month-long special on flights to Mexico. Each week this month a different destination (or destinations) will go on sale, and first up are Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. With round-trip … [Continue]

Virgin America Has a New Referral Program

Loyalty Made Me Do It

Virgin America has a new referral program and website to promote it: Loyalty Made Me Do It. It's an interesting way to encourage you to... join a loyalty program. :P There are two basic flavors of loyalty program. Revenue-based programs are making big inroads lately, I presume because … [Continue]