My Hyatt Concierge (Yes, Mine!)

My Hyatt Concierge

Hyatt Gold Passport is testing a new service it calls "My Hyatt Concierge," which was first shared yesterday by Loyalty Lobby and View from the Wing. But unlike Gary, who's already a member of the existing Private Line service, I was actually one of the people fortunate to be selected for … [Continue]

Silvercar Is Expanding to Denver, Plus Save $50

Silvercar Denver

Next to the winding roads of California's wine country and coastal areas, I can't think of a better place to take advantage of Silvercar's all-Audi A4 fleet than Denver and the nearby Rocky Mountains. They'll start taking reservations in a couple of weeks for rentals starting in August. … [Continue]

Me and Jimmy Down By The “Wanna Get Away” Fares


A few weeks ago when I wrote about high annual fee premium credit cards (see "The First Step To Recovery Is Admitting You Pay High Annual Fees"), I talked a little bit about Jimmy, a good buddy of mine. Jimmy (whose name has not been changed to protect his anonymity because his name is … [Continue]

Discounts on Alaska Airlines to SoCal, Boston, and Mexico

Alaska Mexico

Alaska Airlines has a couple of promotions out that caught my attention recently. The first is a month-long special on flights to Mexico. Each week this month a different destination (or destinations) will go on sale, and first up are Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. With round-trip … [Continue]

Virgin America Has a New Referral Program

Loyalty Made Me Do It

Virgin America has a new referral program and website to promote it: Loyalty Made Me Do It. It's an interesting way to encourage you to... join a loyalty program. :P There are two basic flavors of loyalty program. Revenue-based programs are making big inroads lately, I presume because … [Continue]

Visiting China without a Visa for 72 Hours

China TWOV

When I took my sister to Southeast Asia for the first time last month, I wanted to visit several new destinations. Hong Kong was still on the list. We just connected through Bangkok without leaving the airport. But Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Shanghai, and Macau were all new to me. In fact, any … [Continue]