Travel Resources

The resource pages are meant to include reviews of all the useful websites I draw upon when searching for the best deals on air travel, hotels, etc. Every hunt for a deal involves three parts:

  1. Drawing upon raw data to optimize your search.
  2. Searching for information.
  3. Actually booking what you found.

Many people ignore the first step, and I’ll admit that it is sometimes not necessary. However, knowing what to look for is critical to good hacking skills. One of the first things I learned as a scientist is how to ask good questions or else I couldn’t expect to get good answers. Once you start searching, however, every tool has its purpose. You may need to visit many different sites for different pieces of information. Finally, the best sites for searching aren’t always the best choices for booking travel.

I include some quick site-by-site reviews here, but my blog posts will go into more detail on how you should use any of these websites, particularly when concerning advanced techniques that require multiple steps. These will always be works in progress, so feel free to suggest new additions.