Up to 60% off Alaska Award Flights and 40% Extra Miles!

Alaska Fall Award Sale

Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan is putting a bunch of their award flights on sale for travel between August 30 and October 31. (You can book these awards starting today.) Some of the awards are as low as 5,000 miles one-way and represent a 60% discount off the normal 12,500-mile price for a … [Read more...]

How to Plan Your Itinerary

Award Nexus Route Builder

My guess is 99% of people plan their trip by doing a search from A to B. Not me. I like to know my options before I run my search so I can exclude bad connections or force especially good ones. Relying on a dumb computer to tell you how to get to your destination can overlook a lot of good … [Read more...]

Alaska Airlines Will Launch New Boeing Space Bins

737 Space Bins at 737 Configuration Studio

If you choose to check your bags, Alaska Airlines guarantees you'll get in in 20 minutes or less -- and promises a choice between a $25 voucher or 2,500 Mileage Plan miles (worth about $50) if it's late. But I still choose to carry on my bag on almost every flight, even when I have a dozen … [Read more...]

Discounts on Alaska Airlines to SoCal, Boston, and Mexico

Alaska Mexico

Alaska Airlines has a couple of promotions out that caught my attention recently. The first is a month-long special on flights to Mexico. Each week this month a different destination (or destinations) will go on sale, and first up are Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. With round-trip … [Read more...]

Why You Should Get an Alaska Airlines Credit Card

Alaska Visa

While on vacation I wrote two credit card reviews, including one arguing against the United Airlines credit cards and another arguing in favor of the Hyatt credit card. I mentioned a general pattern in that it’s much easier to make a favorable argument for a hotel credit card given their … [Read more...]

Alaska Airlines Takes Salmon VERY Seriously


Alaska Airlines takes salmon very seriously. Friday was the start of Copper River salmon season, and I was invited down to SeaTac airport at 6 AM to witness the first delivery via one of Alaska's Boeing 737-400 Combi aircraft. These are used up in Alaska since so much cargo needs to be … [Read more...]