New Costco Discount Offers 25% off Select Hyatt Hotels

I'm a big fan of Hyatt partly because I'm a Costco member, and using the discount code COSTCO regularly gets me a 10-20% discount that is both (1) refundable and (2) equal to or better than the pre-paid non-refundable rate. This makes it easier to check back and rebook if the price ever … [Read more...]

Flying Alaska Airlines in and out of Sonoma Wine Country


A guest post courtesy of my father on his recent flight from Santa Rosa Airport... Scott posted a story about his last visit to me, his esteemed parent, when Megan almost missed her flight because of the long drive from my home to SFO. This past weekend my girlfriend, Marsha, and I flew … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Where to Drink (and Eat) in Sonoma

David wrote in last week with a question regarding his upcoming trip to Sonoma: Heading out to Sonoma in a few weeks and wanted to see if you had any can't-miss restaurant and winery recommendations? I'm originally from Cupertino, but my dad recently moved to Sonoma County. Megan and I … [Read more...]

Asia Trip Report: Hyatt Regency San Francisco


Introduction Hyatt Regency San Francisco Singapore Airlines First Class SFO-SIN (SQ 15) - Part 1 Singapore Airlines First Class SFO-SIN (SQ 15) - Part 2 Grand Hyatt Singapore Historical Sights, Ethnic Neighborhoods, and Raffles Hotel Modern Singapore at Marina Bay and Orchard … [Read more...]

Review: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara


I was in Cupertino visiting my mother and needed a place to stay the night before taking care of business in San Francisco the next day. I had no desire to drive to SF late at night, so I planned in advance to find a place to stay in Silicon Valley. A cheap hotel, but preferably one that … [Read more...]

Second Room Half Off at Hyatt Regency Irvine

Screen shot 2012-06-29 at 5.00.21 PM

UPDATE: I screwed up on this one. I saw "second room," thought "second room," and then typed "second night" three separate times. Well, my mistake. I still think it's a good deal. (My whole point for advertising this as a deal for families is that parents and kids can have their own space … [Read more...]