United Bails on Its Clubs, Offers More at Local Malls

United Mall Lounge

Well, not entirely, but I found it an amusing irony that just as United is decreasing benefits at its United Clubs, where a $395+ annual fee gets you no-name liquor that just might double as jet fuel, it's also rolling out the red carpet blue carpet at shopping malls in San Francisco (San … [Read more...]

Is Chase Ultimate Rewards Still the Best Rewards Currency?

I'm certainly not the first person to re-evaluate Ultimate Rewards in light of recent devaluations by several of its transfer partners, but I will try to put my own spin on the topic as always. By far one of the best uses of Ultimate Rewards points is to transfer them to other loyalty … [Read more...]

Best Way to Maximize Miles & Points for Black Friday

Screenshot 2013-11-04 20.20.22

Black Friday is known to many as one of the best days to shop. Countless stores offer deeply discounted prices on their items and people go crazy trying to buy said items. Mostly everyone who shops during Black Friday is out to get a good deal on gifts for Christmas or items for their … [Read more...]

United Guts Its Award Chart

It's hard to say with a straight face that we didn't see a devaluation coming, but the changes in the new United award chart are absolutely eye-watering. First, the not-so-bad news ... the current award chart is good for redemptions made until January 31, 2014. The bad news: a new … [Read more...]

Is Customer Service Worth an Annual Fee?

I took Scottrick to lunch when he stopped at SFO on his way to the MegaDO last week. After burger and a beer I -- being a good dad who reads his son's blog -- put my Chase Sapphire VISA card on the check. Our waiter returned saying my card had been declined. Major embarrassment. Did I … [Read more...]

Aiming for an Annual Spend Bonus? Check Your Stays at the HyCard Hotel

Amex Membership Rewards Detail

Several credit cards offer some kind of special bonus if you spend a certain amount in a calendar year. This post isn't meant to detail all of them, but I'll say that Megan and I were aiming for three this year and have successfully hit them all: Spend $30,000 on the British Airways … [Read more...]