Air New Zealand Sent Two People on a Mission to Antarctica

Cape Bird glacier

About six months ago I mentioned Air New Zealand was running a contest to send one lucky person to Antarctica with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards. Well, it seems they couldn't make up their minds and decided to select two winners: Marli and Michael. They spent … [Read more...]

Did United Airlines Help You Find Love?

United love

United Airlines is running a short contest for St. Valentine's Day, asking customers to write in with stories about how flying on United helped them meet their partners or even factored into their proposals and wedding ceremonies. The winning entry gets two business class tickets to any … [Read more...]

Win a Trip to Antarctica from Air New Zealand!


There's one place on Earth most international globetrotters haven't been: Antarctica. The southern continent isn't very hospitable, and transit links are few. But these features also make it one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. Nothing else is like it, and this kind … [Read more...]

Chase the Possibilities with Hyatt’s New Sweepstakes

Hyatt Chase the Possibilities

Via Loyalty Lobby, Hyatt has created a new sweepstakes it calls "The Chase" that is only open to select Gold Passport members who have received email invitations to participate (through October 31). I didn't receive an email, and when I tried entering my Gold Passport number it was … [Read more...]

A Winner (Maybe Two?) Is Heading to FTU Next Week!

Congratulations are in order! Two readers offered up their tickets to the Frequent Traveler University next week, from September 27-29 at the Grand Hyatt Tamp Bay. In order to enter, I asked you to share what you hope to learn at the event. Who knows? Maybe one year they'll invite me to … [Read more...]

$100 for Daring to Tell Megan What to Do

Megan winner

Lots of you had ideas about what Megan could (and should) contribute to Hack My Trip if she wants to start writing more regularly. It may be a bit of a learning curve, since she looked pretty exasperated when I showed her that she had to click multiple times to read all 110 comments. And … [Read more...]