Double Check Your Rental Car Rate before Arrival

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There are lots of ways to save money on rental cars. It's not too challenging to get elite status thanks to various matching programs, and these come with discount codes. There are also discount codes associated with airline loyalty programs, alumni groups, corporations, and more. The … [Read more...]

Save 10% or More at Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt OPEN Savings

Hyatt has introduced a number of discounts lately, and while I haven’t seen the need to detail each one individually, a limited-time promotion has motivated me to summarize them in this post. The net result is that no one should be paying full price to stay at a Hyatt hotel. Get a … [Read more...]

New Costco Discount Offers 25% off Select Hyatt Hotels

I'm a big fan of Hyatt partly because I'm a Costco member, and using the discount code COSTCO regularly gets me a 10-20% discount that is both (1) refundable and (2) equal to or better than the pre-paid non-refundable rate. This makes it easier to check back and rebook if the price ever … [Read more...]

Travel Discounts in the 2013 Entertainment Book


I went to Costco yesterday, and though Megan kept me away from the giant box of Hot Pockets, we have a deal. She gets something she really wants, and I get something I really want. She got a Christmas wreath, which will make an awful mess that I will have to clean up. If you were following … [Read more...]

$25 Back for Buying $100 Costco Gift Card with American Express


Turns out you can get $25 back from American Express for spending $100 at Costco. This program is through their Link-Like-Love program, meaning you need to sync an American Express credit card with Facebook or Twitter first and then register for the offer. But you can really make out … [Read more...]

Who Wants American Airlines Gift Cards?

I made a run to Costco today to buy some American Airlines gift cards at 10% off. They're disappearing from shelves, and Costco is not restocking. My preferred stores nearby have already run out, and remaining stock is being consolidated in one store at least an hour drive roundtrip … [Read more...]