Is It Ever Worth Paying The Second Year Annual Fee?


From the desk of the Devil's Advocate... When opening a new credit card, a big selling point is the waived first year annual fee. The banks hope you'll like the card well enough to hang onto it for the second year and beyond, paying an annual fee over and over again for the privilege … [Read more...]

Targeted Offer: 50,000 MR to Upgrade Amex PRG To Platinum Card

Amex Platinum Upgrade Offer

I don't normally like to talk about targeted promotions, but when it comes to credit cards there seems to be more opportunity than with other companies to talk your way into getting a similar offer once you know it exists. (Chase is a particularly good example.) In this case, my wife was … [Read more...]

Is Coin Helpful for Manufactured Spend?


Coin is a startup that View from the Wing and I wrote about last year. It purports to make juggling a handful of credit and debit cards easier by letting you copy all the card information onto a single device, letting you switch between the cards you want to use for individual … [Read more...]

Frequent Flyer Programs, Transferable Points, and Competitive Pressure

SPG, Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, Citi Thank You

Author note: This is a long post, but it's designed to generate discussion on how transferable points (Ultimate Rewards, Starpoints, Amex Membership Rewards and now Citi ThankYou points) are going to change how airlines set mileage redemption prices and compete with each other on price, … [Read more...]

Some New Ideas for American Airlines’ Credit Cards

AA Survey

United747 posted on FlyerTalk some screenshots from a recent survey by American Airlines and Citi on their credit card benefits. I found it interesting because most airline-branded credit cards are not very appealing (to me) given recent years' improvements to generic travel rewards cards … [Read more...]

Citi Prestige Makes Changes Official: Flight Points, Companion Pass Gone

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.16.11 AM

Recently one of the regular cards in my wallet has been the Citi Thank You Prestige card. Even though it's a premium card that comes with a high $400 $450 annual fee (update -- I originally wrote $400 because that's what I paid back when I got the card, but more recently the annual fee has … [Read more...]