Retention Offer for the Citi Platinum / AAdvantage Card

Citi Platinum Select Visa

Like many of you, I recently applied for the Citi Executive / AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard, which is still offering 100,000 bonus miles after spending $10,000 in 3 months. However, a few weeks later I got an email notifying me that the annual fee was due on my existing Citi Platinum / … [Read more...]

Delta Pisses Off Seattle Customers

Delta bag tags

FlyerTalk is abuzz with news that Delta has started attaching extra tags to ALL of its customers' bags as they come off the baggage carousel in Seattle, according to user bjohnsonmn. These tags remind customers that they could check their bags for free if they had the Delta Gold … [Read more...]

Learn How to Maximize Your Rewards with Pick2Pay

Pick2Pay 3

I've written about Pick2Pay before, but it may still be a new name for many of you. What does Pick2Pay do? It’s an app that you can use on your mobile phone or a traditional computer to find the best credit card and shopping portal for every purchase. While many of us rely on rules of … [Read more...]

When Cash is King for Manufactured Spending

I like to do manufactured spending - my flexible schedule, ideal geography (with many MS-friendly stores nearby), and variety of credit cards with different category bonuses allow me the opportunity to bulk up spending on my credit cards to earn rewards for cheap.  I actually don’t do much … [Read more...]

New Amex EveryDay Cards Make It Easier to Earn Membership Rewards

Amex EveryDay

American Express is launching two new credit cards on April 2, so you can expect lots of posts when that day arrives. Probably not from me, though, so I’ll just take a moment now to let you know what to expect. These are credit cards, not charge cards, so you’ll be able to pay the … [Read more...]

What Did I Miss?

Sometimes I like to slip away without telling anyone. My dad is on a quest to spend his money before I get my grubby hands on it and treated the family to a trip to the Virgin Islands last week. I scheduled a few posts but had almost no Internet access for the better part of ten days. … [Read more...]