Delta and Alaska Cut Reciprocal Elite Benefits

Elite updates

Several readers messaged me this morning that Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines have agreed to limit the reciprocal benefits they provide to elite customers traveling on the other's flights (HT to Paul). These changes are effective on May 1 and indicate a continuing deterioration in the … [Read more...]

Reciprocal Lounge Access Policies for Alaska Airlines Customers

SEA Board Room Downstairs

If you're an Alaska Airlines customer thinking about purchasing a membership to the Board Room airport lounge, you may be put off by the limited number of locations. Alaska operates its own Board Rooms in just five airports, and there is a report that the San Francisco location will be … [Read more...]

Delta Pisses Off Seattle Customers

Delta bag tags

FlyerTalk is abuzz with news that Delta has started attaching extra tags to ALL of its customers' bags as they come off the baggage carousel in Seattle, according to user bjohnsonmn. These tags remind customers that they could check their bags for free if they had the Delta Gold … [Read more...]

Alaska and Delta Cut Codeshares, Start Competing in Other Ways

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 8.47.59 AM

The competition between Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines for the Seattle market is past the point of amusement and starting to get annoying. One carrier announces new routes so the other carrier announces new routes. One carrier announces double miles so the other carrier announces … [Read more...]

What Did I Miss?

Sometimes I like to slip away without telling anyone. My dad is on a quest to spend his money before I get my grubby hands on it and treated the family to a trip to the Virgin Islands last week. I scheduled a few posts but had almost no Internet access for the better part of ten days. … [Read more...]

Delta Offers Double EQMs for Washington Residents

Delta DEQM promo

Special thanks to Ryan for forwarding me details on Delta's new offer for double Medallion Qualifying Miles (and award miles) on all nonstop flights to and from Seattle, domestic AND international, through December 31. That's quite an offer! Note that this offer is specifically … [Read more...]