The Difference Between Award Miles and Elite Qualifying Miles

United RDM and EQM

Ross emailed me yesterday with a question about the United MileagePlus Explorer credit card. His question wasn’t so much about how to earn the bonus miles offered for new applications but what the difference is between award miles, qualifying miles, and qualifying dollars. It is probably … [Read more...]

Reports of the Demise of Delta’s Award Charts Are Greatly Exaggerated


From the desk of the Devil's Advocate... Before we get rolling this week, I want to send a special shoutout to our friend (P)lucky for being such a good sport about my post last week mocking his love of Lufthansa (see "Will A Certain Fellow Blogger Please Calm Down About Lufthansa"). If … [Read more...]

United and Delta’s Revenue-Based Programs Are Bad News for Corporate Travel

I was in New York last year with a day to spare and decided to look for some new travel startups. One of them was Rocketrip, and I had a nice chat with its CEO, Daniel Ruch. The basic concept behind Rocketrip is that it helps companies incentivize their workers to reduce corporate travel … [Read more...]

Tweeting Into The Abyss About Devaluations

I hate being a Debbie Downer. Really I do. I'm typically an optimistic person. A "glass half full" kind of guy. Unless it's a nice gin and tonic, in which case I'd prefer it to be a "glass completely empty" so I have an excuse to order another one. But I can't help being somewhat gloomy … [Read more...]

Delta 747 BusinessElite, Tokyo to Los Angeles

Delta 747-400 upper deck

I flew to Tokyo from Seattle on Delta’s A330-200, but returned on the 747-400 nonstop to Los Angeles.  Before this trip, the 747 was the final aircraft in the Delta fleet that I hadn’t flown (I’ve flown many other 747s, just not a Delta one), so I was pretty excited to say the least.  … [Read more...]

Review: Seattle to Tokyo in Delta’s A330 BusinessElite

Business class cabin (from in-flight)

In April, I took a quick trip to Tokyo.  I used 120,000 Delta Skymiles to book Los Angeles-Seattle-Tokyo-Los Angeles, although it is now 140,000 miles after the latest devaluation.  The Los Angeles to Seattle flight was originally on Alaska Airlines, though a schedule change allowed me to … [Read more...]