Looking Back

Today is the first anniversary of Hack My Trip. I’ve seen several other travel blogs start since launching mine, with varying levels of success. I’ve spoken with more established leaders in this field. I’ve also had a few readers approach me with questions about starting their own … [Read more...]

So What Did I Learn at FTU LAX?

Monday’s post was targeted to newbies who attended FTU and may have learned a few new tricks they weren’t quite sure how to put into practice. I didn’t mean to be a tease, but I did promise not to spill the beans on what goes on in the secret session. Today, I’ll talk about what else I … [Read more...]

Networking Is the Most Valuable Travel Resource

As a blogger, I talk to a lot of people. And lately I've come to realize that the best insights into the travel "game" are gleaned from those conversations, not through passive reading. I had a great experience meeting some of my readers, fellow bloggers, and a few legends at the Chicago … [Read more...]

Costco as the Traveler’s Secret Weapon

Image Credit: http://spaceneedle.com/restaurant/

A Costco membership starts at $55, and the available discounts even to infrequent travelers more than make up that cost. Megan and I just went there last weekend, and it’s worth reminding people to check the gift card aisle (and the online shopping portal) before you plan your next trip. … [Read more...]