Routehappy Makes It Easier to Enjoy Your Trip

American LAX-JFK Business Routehappy

I've written about Routehappy at least once before. It's one of a few airline search engines that attempts to improve the user experience by adding information on in-flight amenities and user reviews in addition to traditional sorting criteria like price or the number of connections. … [Read more...]

Routehappy Knows What Makes a Good Flight

Routehappy 1

There are many ways to compare flights: the cheapest price, the most direct, or the one that earns the most frequent flyer miles. But sometimes you just want to make sure you experience as little hassle as possible, reducing the inevitable stress of travel. Routehappy solves this … [Read more...]

The Essential Introduction to Using GCMap


I’ve used the Great Circle Mapper website ( for a couple years and found it useful to plot my itineraries and get some basic distance information. However, I’ve never really understood all the cool features that some others like to use. I set out last weekend to teach myself more … [Read more...]

My 2013 Dream Map

40K miles with Alaska Airlines. Image from

I always say that earning elite status, especially when you're aiming for the top tier, multiple programs, or paying for it yourself, requires a lot of strategy. In my case, I'm trying to do all three. Strategy helped me earn Premier 1K for the first time in 2011, when 500-mile minimums … [Read more...]

2012: My Year in Review

All my flights in 2012. Image from

This was a pretty successful year for me. I hit almost every one of my travel goals, even if I didn’t make it to South America, Australia, or Africa this year. But I did get to see Asia and the Middle East for the first time. Singapore and Hong Kong were great experiences. My trip reports … [Read more...]

TSA Screeners Know You Hate Them

I was introduced to a new blog yesterday, "Taking Sense Away," ostensibly written by a former employee of the Transportation Security Administration. Also described by my dad as "Thousands Standing Around," this is the government agency we all know an love for being very good at preventing … [Read more...]