What’s Your Total Cost of Travel?


Hipmunk issued an infographic to people on its mailing list today, and I found it interesting. It outlines all the little ways you can get dinged by airlines, hotels, and associated merchants along the way when you travel. I enjoyed it because it highlights how important it is to take a … [Read more...]

Winners of the Fly Like a Hipmunk Giveaway


The names are in! Just to recap, here are the prizes, along with the two winners of each prize. Thanks for playing! ┬áThe first winner of two Hipmunk baggage tags is #6, twitter follower @TravelSummary, followed by Facebook fan Brian Duncan. A Hipmunk T-shirt went to @yhcg1333 and … [Read more...]

Reminder: Win Some Great Hipmunk Swag!

Don't forget, you have less than 36 hours to enter my Hipmunk swag giveaway, ending Friday night. You're allowed to enter more than once, so do it again and again to get your entries in if there's something that really catches your eye. :) There are six prizes: two each of some cute … [Read more...]

Using Routing Language with ITA Fare Matrix


Today I'm going to show you the true power of the ITA Fare Matrix search engine. Some of this routing language has been incorporated into Hipmunk, although it's not widely publicized. (Read my reviews to learn more; there are links in yesterday's Hipmunk Giveaway post.) Yesterday I … [Read more...]

Hipmunk Giveaway


A week ago I was at the Hipmunk offices in San Francisco and had a very pleasant chat with co-founder and CEO Adam Goldstein. We talked about Hipmunk's strategy of continuing to release new updates to their site as they're developed--trying to be more innovative than their competition and … [Read more...]

Review: Hipmunk Business Class


I'm a big fan of Hipmunk. I've reviewed it multiple times in the past (see links at the bottom) and even give it free advertising on my sidebar. I still use ITA as my go-to source for flight information. Sorry, it's just much more powerful. But Hipmunk's flight search is a great … [Read more...]