Marriott’s Tip Envelopes Are Tacky

Marriott Envelope

Marriott announced new tip envelopes for its housekeeping staff this week, and the response was covered well in an NPR story on Tuesday. I think it was a bad idea, and I certainly won't be using them on any future stays. They create a bad name for the brand. I also think they may … [Read more...]

PointsHound Helps You Earn Miles with 18 Partners on Your Next Hotel Booking

PointsHound Partners

It's been a while since I've mentioned PointsHound on this blog, so I decided to provide a reminder about this booking portal that makes it easier to earn extra frequent flyer miles when you reserve your next hotel. They now have 18 partners, including airlines and other loyalty programs. … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Your Next Hotel Stay


Whether spending two weeks on an island or a weekend in the big city, booking a hotel can be the most important part of any travel budget. The flights are probably more expensive individually, but that hotel rate kicks in every day and could determine other costs like resort fees, meals, … [Read more...]

Nomad Handbook: Free WiFi, Luggage Storage and Printing

Free-Wifi but only if you, like Scott, have a PhD :P 

We'll take a turn to the details of luggage storage, finding free wifi abroad how to print those pesky visa invitation letters Scott and I are looking how to better package these for general consumption. Since the list keeps growing, I'm going to make it a 2-3 tips per week sort of … [Read more...]

How and Why to Redeem SPG Suite Night Awards

Suite Night Award request confirmation

I just returned from a weekend vacation in San Diego, which was significant in that it was my first trip all year with Megan alone and not our parents. For a few days the only people who could annoy us were each other. ;) When booking the hotel I made a point to look at Starwood … [Read more...]

Kimpton Revamps Loyalty Program: Karma Rewards

Introducing Kimpton Karma

Last year I matched to Kimpton's loyalty program, InTouch, and made good use of it with stays at Hotel Vintage Plaza in Portland, EPIC Hotel in Miami, Lorien Hotel & Spa in Alexandria, and Alexis Hotel in Seattle. Alexis remains my favorite, though it didn't hurt that my wedding party … [Read more...]