How to Use ITA Matrix to Avoid (or Find) Codeshares

Codeshares 1

Many airlines operate codeshare flights. These are flights operated by one carrier (sometimes referred to as "the metal") but sold with a different flight number. For example, American Airlines doesn't operate any flights between Seattle and San Francisco despite serving both airports from … [Read more...]

MileWise Releases New iPhone Update with ITA Technology

MileWise iPhone

I promised some reviews of the new technology services we saw at LAX Frequent Travelers University. That's still in the works, and I should have them posted the first week of the new year. But I want to share an update on MileWise and their partnership with Google's ITA Matrix search … [Read more...]

PNW Mileage Runs: PDX-BOS on UA for 3.8 CPM

4 CPM for PDX-SFO-BOS and return.

Thanks to theBOSman on FlyerTalk for sharing this one. Although the lowest price (via IAH) is available in September, you can travel earlier via SFO for 4 CPM in August. Other dates may be available. At the best price you're looking at $258.20 all-in for 6,832 EQM. There's also … [Read more...]

Interesting Speculation about the Future of Google and ITA

120424 GoogleFlightSearch

There's an interesting article on Google's acquisition of ITA published yesterday in Xconomy, an online business magazine. While a review I wrote a few weeks ago agreed that Flight Search is still in its infancy (I need to cover Hotel Finder at some point), it has incorporated a few tools … [Read more...]

Finding Fare Class Availability


Yesterday I promised you more information on where you could actually find fare class availability information. I would have included it yesterday but didn't feel like I had done a thorough enough search  before writing up my results. Sadly, I searched again and still came up short. There … [Read more...]

Introduction to Using ITA


To get things rolling I’m going to introduce you to Matrix by ITA Software. Nearly every search I do starts with ITA thanks to its flexible display options and advanced routing language. I know many experienced travelers enjoy using KVS Tool and ExpertFlyer, which I’ll cover later, but ITA … [Read more...]