Amazon Payments Is Dead, Long Live Amazon Local Register

Amazon Payments

View from the Wing shared yesterday afternoon that Amazon Payments -- one of the easiest and cheapest ways to generate free miles through manufactured spend -- is pulling the plug on peer-to-peer transactions. Beginning on October 13 you will no longer be able to send money to another … [Read more...]

Is Coin Helpful for Manufactured Spend?


Coin is a startup that View from the Wing and I wrote about last year. It purports to make juggling a handful of credit and debit cards easier by letting you copy all the card information onto a single device, letting you switch between the cards you want to use for individual … [Read more...]

A Chance to Buy Unlimited Miles for 1.75 Cents?

Amazon Local Register 1

Many people have known that Amazon Payments is an easy service to manufacture spend of $1,000 a month. You can send $1,000 to a friend with a credit card and no transaction fee. Just call it "goods and services." Your friend then withdraws the money to a checking account and can give the … [Read more...]

New Power Couple: Manufactured Spend & Revenue Based Programs


As you may have heard by now, United "shocked" us all by changing the terms of how to earn miles on their flights starting March 2015. To be honest, I wasn't too surprised when I heard about it but was kind of bewildered at how they blatantly copied the Delta Skymiles program. It's almost … [Read more...]

Join My Manufactured Spend Group Forum

As you may have heard a million times, I participated in the Charlotte Milemadness Seminar this past weekend. While attending, I paid special attention to the presentation given by Marathon Man about how to be a good steward of MS. As he was speaking, I thought it would be really cool … [Read more...]

Charlotte Milemadness Thoughts and Review


Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking at and attending the Charlotte Milemadness event with Amol. It was created to help people who manufacture spend meet up and discuss different topics. There were over 100 people and the event itself was a huge success! The day kicked off … [Read more...]