I’ll Take Care of It

I can't claim to being the World's Greatest Husband. The first thing I do when I wake up at 6 is check my email. I go to my day job until 5. I work again on the blog until 11. Megan makes most of my meals and does a fair amount of the cleaning. When we became engaged, my future … [Read more...]

This Boeing 777 Is Made ENTIRELY of Manila Folders

Hat Tip to @jonostrower for sharing a link to this amazing model of a Boeing 777 jet aircraft reviewed on io9 and created by Luca Iaconi-Stewart over the course of five years. Not only is it made at a scale of 1:60 with moving parts, but it was crafted entirely from manila folders. … [Read more...]

The Honeymoon Is Over

I'm finally back! Hack My Trip has been pretty quiet for the last six weeks or so, minus a few helpful interruptions from Amol and Tahsir. I was busy getting married, busy wrapping up an assignment for my day job, and then busy on my honeymoon. Or rather not very busy at all, since my … [Read more...]

How I Hacked My Wedding

Weddings are complicated. I proposed to Megan on the top of a volcano, keeping the whole thing secret until the very last minute. (Pro tip: a 10,000-foot elevation at 3 AM is just about the only cold place in Hawaii, making it easier to justify wearing a fleece, and thus giving you a place … [Read more...]

How Did I End Up Here?

This post is self-serving, so don’t read it if you are looking for a travel tip or deal. But a student still progressing through my former graduate program operates a blog of her own called Branching Points. Liza’s focus is on non-academic career paths for those with a graduate education, … [Read more...]

Do Professional Titles Get You Better Service?

After I completed my graduate education, I started booking all of my reservations as “Dr. Scott Mackenzie” instead “Mr. Scott Mackenzie.” I don’t make a fuss if some people say “Mr.” anyway, but I earned the new title and think it’s only fair to include it when the option is … [Read more...]