PNW Mileage Run: United SEA-EWR-MIA for $200 (2.9 CPM)


Having been to Florida twice already this year, I don't think I have the stomach for any more mileage runs to the opposite corner of the country. But it does consistently offer one of the best mileage run opportunities on United Airlines if you can route through Newark for just under 7,000 … [Read more...]

PNW Mileage Runs: SEA-MCO on United for 3.0 CPM

Screen Shot 2012-10-17 at 10.26.58 AM

@bmvaughn shared this with me yesterday, and now The Flight Deal has posted about it, too. I don't need any more mileage runs for this year, but there are several opportunities left in December and a ton of space if you look out as far as April of 2013. It's never too early to start … [Read more...]

PNW Mileage Runs: SEA-DTW-ATL-SJU on DL for 3.9 CPM

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Winter is coming in the Pacific Northwest. If you've ever read The Oatmeal, you probably are already familiar with this comic. Yes, it can be that awful after 9 month of endless rain and darkness. Lately I've been getting up at 5 every morning and am already depressed that the sun isn't up … [Read more...]

PNW Mileage Runs: SEA-MIA on Delta for 4.1 CPM


The Flight Deal shares another great mileage run opportunity out of the Pacific Northwest. I don't think I've mentioned Delta at all yet, since I tend to be a United guy, but this is a great alternative if you don't want to try to get in on the RGN mistake fare I shared this morning. Delta … [Read more...]

PNW Mileage Runs: PDX-BOS on United for 3.9 CPM

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It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I've grown frustrated seeing largely high fares. My typical requirement is under 4 cents per elite qualifying mile, but I'll start making judgment calls if it runs into the grey area of 4-6 cpm. The Flight Deal shares that you can get … [Read more...]

Time to Book!

SMD4 Map

I've been finalizing my travel plans for the Star Alliance MegaDO IV and the Chicago Seminars in the last couple weeks. Partly it's because I have a few United Type B vouchers that need to get used up before they expire. Here's my game plan. Email me for more details if you plan to go to … [Read more...]