Why I’m Leaving United Airlines

In a comment on one of last week’s posts, a reader asked for a more detailed explanation of why I’m leaving United Airlines for American Airlines or Alaska Airlines. I’ll try to satisfy the request. Be aware that this post is a bit of a rant. A fair one, I think, but not everyone wants to … [Read more...]

United Launches “Rhapsody,” a Premium In-Flight Magazine

United Rhapsody

During my recent mileage run to Boston, I was upgraded on the outbound segments and noticed a new addition to the seat-back pocket. Apparently United has quietly launched a new in-flight magazine for its premium cabins and United Club members, similar to American Airline’s Celebrated … [Read more...]

Are Credit Card Companies the Bad Guys?

Frontline CC Special

I came across a Frontline documentary on the "secret history" of the credit card industry, and I found it fascinating how it described its development from a small, niche product to system that now pumps out billions of mailers every year enticing people to sign up for the option to pay … [Read more...]

Looking Back

Today is the first anniversary of Hack My Trip. I’ve seen several other travel blogs start since launching mine, with varying levels of success. I’ve spoken with more established leaders in this field. I’ve also had a few readers approach me with questions about starting their own … [Read more...]

Christopher Elliott Has Some Good Points

A lot of frequent flyers hate Christopher Elliott. I never even read the guy's stuff until Gary and Ben started complaining about him, which means they were fanning the flames, not Elliott. But since people keep brining up his articles, I do read them. And one article on Linked In today … [Read more...]

Top Secret Stuff at LAX FTU

Part of the Frequent Traveler University is a special session on “top secret” information that is not to be shared openly. Everyone was sworn to secrecy, and I’m not going to talk here in specifics about what was said. But it was interesting some of the information that was released … [Read more...]