Making Sense of Caesars’ Total Rewards Program

Caesars Total Rewards

Many traditional hotel loyalty programs have been linking up with casino loyalty programs in recent years. This has provided them a foothold in Las Vegas, a city where mainstream brands have not had a strong presence. I think it's been a good move because those mainstream properties that … [Read more...]

Hacking Award Travel to the Middle East, India, and Africa on All 60 Routes

Non-Alliance Partners have a large share of the market - adding some complexity and flexibility to award bookings.

In the past four segments, we looked at how to become more efficient at searching for awards seats to Europe, Asia, Down Under and South America. Now we turn our attention to the last set of destinations, some of which are the furthest from home in the Middle East, India and … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Use a United Airlines Credit Card

Compare United Explorer to other cards

Now that United's MileagePlus program has decided to reduce the number of miles it awards to almost all its customers, the fastest way for many to earn more miles will be through a credit card. Today's question: Does it have to be one of United's? Before we answer that, let's start with … [Read more...]

United’s Changes Are Bad for Everyone, and That’s Not News

United new fare multiplier

I'm not the first to break the news about the most recent devaluation (of many) for United Airlines' MileagePlus, nor am I the first to remark that United is simply copying Delta's changes to its own Sky Miles program. My feelings are on par with Wandering Aramean's, who believes it was … [Read more...]

More that One Way to Book a Night at the Andaz Papagayo

Andaz Papgayo Rates

Yesterday Mommy Points blogged that the Andaz Papagayo has reduced their award category from 6 to 4, which not only saves 10,000 points per free award night -- dropping from 25,000 points to 15,000 points -- but also puts this amazing-looking hotel within reach of the annual free night … [Read more...]

Using My Alaska Airlines Companion Fare for Hawaii

Not all companion fares work the same, which is why I summarized the most popular companion fares with their pros and cons. Among the better options is the $99 companion fare (plus taxes and fees) provided each year to those who carry the Alaska Airlines credit card from Bank of America. … [Read more...]