Redeem 85 Miles to Keep Your United Account Active

United Digital Media Store

Most airline loyalty programs require you to have some kind of account activity every 12-24 months or else you'll lose your miles. I'll provide a more thorough breakdown of your options in a future post, but I want to call out what I think may be one of the cheapest options available for … [Read more...]

British Airways Adds 72-Hour Hold for a Fee

British Airways 72 hour hold

British Airways announced this week that it is offering a 72-hour "fare lock" service very similar to one already offered by United Airlines. For just $10 on flights originating in the U.S., you can hold a quoted itinerary and pay that same price when you go back to book up to three days … [Read more...]

Frequent Flyer Programs, Transferable Points, and Competitive Pressure

SPG, Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, Citi Thank You

Author note: This is a long post, but it's designed to generate discussion on how transferable points (Ultimate Rewards, Starpoints, Amex Membership Rewards and now Citi ThankYou points) are going to change how airlines set mileage redemption prices and compete with each other on price, … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Caesars’ Total Rewards Program

Caesars Total Rewards

Many traditional hotel loyalty programs have been linking up with casino loyalty programs in recent years. This has provided them a foothold in Las Vegas, a city where mainstream brands have not had a strong presence. I think it's been a good move because those mainstream properties that … [Read more...]

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Airline Phone Agents: When Things Go Wrong

When you learn to speak the magic language, things like this will happen!

On Wednesday, we looked at how to talk with agents for complicated award bookings, with a focus on making the conversation as quick and painless as possible. Today, we'll look at (as many reasons I could think of) what to do when the agent hits a snag or can't book an award ticket. … [Read more...]

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Airline Phone Agents: A Complete Diagnostic Guide

UA Award (likely not bookable anymore with routing rule changes)

This may be old hat for more seasoned readers, but I tried to compile all the conventional wisdom for booking awards with agents over the phone. Feel free to forward to friends or family members that are about to book their first "complicated" awards. Within the frequent flyer … [Read more...]