You Got Cookie, So Share It Maybe?

"Call Me Maybe" is one of the worst songs in recent memory. It reminds me of my aversion toward Michael Buble a few years ago, although that was driven more an obsessed fan in my lab who would play his music three times a day rather than the music itself (which was admittedly a bit … [Read more...]

The High Life: Mai Tai Maui Madness


It's been a long time since my Maui trip report series, and a long time since I've contributed anything to The High Life. Similar to Points, Miles, & Martini's Happy Hour, The High Life is a series on food and drink that I come across during my travels or simply inspired by travel. I … [Read more...]

The High Life: Would you like some fried pig face nuggets with your scotch?


For those of you new to my blog since joining BoardingArea, "The High Life" is my series on food and spirits, similar to the occasional diversions you'll read about at the¬†Points, Miles, & Martinis¬†Happy Hour. I try to keep them travel related because cuisine is a big reason I enjoy … [Read more...]

The High Life: Time for Some Bubbly!


Since my recent engagement, I've had a couple opportunities to share drinks with friends. There's a couple down the street from us with whom we regularly watch Project Runway each Thursday night. Even though it was our first day back (technically it was still the same day we arrived), I … [Read more...]

The High Life: Soup Dumplings


Megan and I live a few blocks from another couple who work at the same university as I, and we often get together with others for trivia, meals, and (most importantly) Chipotle burritos. In fact, our trivia team name is "Burrito Thursday" because we eat at Chipotle every Thursday. But I'll … [Read more...]

The High Life: Blood and Sand


My favorite cocktail, bar none, is the Blood and Sand. I wasn't reading Eric Felten's excellent WSJ column, "How's Your Drink?" quite as religiously in 2008, but he has an excellent rundown of the drink's history and composition. I'd never heard of the movie that inspired the drink's name, … [Read more...]