Online Tools to Find United Upgrade Space

UnitedUpgrades Results

If you remember my earlier post on airline inventory, you know that every booking class has a letter. All flights, whether revenue, award, or upgraded flights, need to have a letter. For United Airlines, the letter used to keep track of upgrade space is R. This means that anyone who wants … [Read more...]

Using AwardWallet to Track Your Miles and Points

This is a re-post of my earlier review of AwardWallet. Why am I sharing it again? Well, I've got a lot more readers now, and it surprises me how many don't go back and read all the old stuff. Well, maybe not so much. I wouldn't want to go back and read it all, either. :P But more … [Read more...]

How to Combine Availability and Published Fares

I’m discussing airline inventory this week, including fare class availability, fares themselves, and fare construction. A lot of talk about fares for a product some people don’t think is priced very fairly at all. :P Now I know a lot of you are probably interested in award space, but this … [Read more...]

Where to Find Information on Fare Class Availability

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On Friday last week, I provided a brief introduction to how airline inventory works and why that matters when you try to understand how much a particular ticket should cost. There are two factors in particular, the published fares (which require to specific "fare classes" or "booking … [Read more...]

Other Features of ITA Fare Matrix

This week I’m reviewing some of my most popular posts, including how to use ITA Software’s Fare Matrix. If you’ve never used it before, today’s post will not make any sense. I suggest you read Part 1 first, and maybe Part 2. Part 1: Introduction to ITA Fare Matrix Part 2: Using … [Read more...]

Using Routing Language with ITA Fare Matrix


Today I'm going to show you the true power of the ITA Fare Matrix search engine. Some of this routing language has been incorporated into Hipmunk, although it's not widely publicized. (Read my reviews to learn more; there are links in yesterday's Hipmunk Giveaway post.) Yesterday I … [Read more...]