Level Skies: An Alternative to Individual Fare Locks

Level Skies Search

I mentioned the introduction of 72-hour fare locks on British Airways this weekend and reminded you about existing options from United Airlines as well as Options Away, which lets you purchase options on additional carriers by taking on themselves the risk of fare increases. When I … [Read more...]

Using United’s “Expert Mode” to Find Upgrades

United SFO-HKG W fare with Upgrade Space

I've had several people ask me recently how to search for upgrades on United Airlines. It's not immediately obvious because United no longer allows tools like Expert Flyer to access its inventory. However, United does have an in-house tool called "Expert Mode" that will display inventory … [Read more...]

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Airline Phone Agents: A Complete Diagnostic Guide

UA Award (likely not bookable anymore with routing rule changes)

This may be old hat for more seasoned readers, but I tried to compile all the conventional wisdom for booking awards with agents over the phone. Feel free to forward to friends or family members that are about to book their first "complicated" awards. Within the frequent flyer … [Read more...]

Award Nexus Makes Booking Award Flights Easy

Award Nexus 2

I should preface this post by saying I do all the grunt work when I book awards. Why? I don't do it often -- maybe two or three international trips a year, and domestic flights are relatively easy. I also kind of enjoy the process, even though I curse British Airways every time it asks if … [Read more...]

How to Plan Your Itinerary

Award Nexus Route Builder

My guess is 99% of people plan their trip by doing a search from A to B. Not me. I like to know my options before I run my search so I can exclude bad connections or force especially good ones. Relying on a dumb computer to tell you how to get to your destination can overlook a lot of good … [Read more...]

Hacking Award Travel to the Middle East, India, and Africa on All 60 Routes

Non-Alliance Partners have a large share of the market - adding some complexity and flexibility to award bookings.

In the past four segments, we looked at how to become more efficient at searching for awards seats to Europe, Asia, Down Under and South America. Now we turn our attention to the last set of destinations, some of which are the furthest from home in the Middle East, India and Africa. Part … [Read more...]