Award Nexus Makes Booking Award Flights Easy

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I should preface this post by saying I do all the grunt work when I book awards. Why? I don't do it often -- maybe two or three international trips a year, and domestic flights are relatively easy. I also kind of enjoy the process, even though I curse British Airways every time it asks if … [Read more...]

Hacking Award Travel to the Middle East, India, and Africa on All 60 Routes

Non-Alliance Partners have a large share of the market - adding some complexity and flexibility to award bookings.

In the past four segments, we looked at how to become more efficient at searching for awards seats to Europe, Asia, Down Under and South America. Now we turn our attention to the last set of destinations, some of which are the furthest from home in the Middle East, India and … [Read more...]

Using AwardWallet to Track Your Miles & Points

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The biggest problem I have as a frequent traveler -- besides trying to keep up on the latest news and gossip -- is tracking my miles and points. I am a member of over 20 different loyalty programs, and I also track another dozen for Megan. In addition to keeping track of account numbers … [Read more...]

Is Delta Showing You the Lowest Priced Award Available?

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As Scott mentioned when I joined the site a while back, I fly Delta a decent amount.  They have a great domestic fleet and life as a Platinum Medallion isn't too bad.  But their website sucks.  I mean, they make the Geocities website I made in the 90s look like a functioning beacon of … [Read more...]

More Free FlightTrack Pro Codes


A few weeks ago, Starbucks offered codes to download FlightTrack Pro for iOS, currently a $10 download. I saw a local Starbucks still had a few more codes left over, so I asked to have them all to give them to readers. Please post a comment if you use a code so I can take them off as they … [Read more...]

The Best Insider Knowledge on Tucson, AZ

National Car Rental asked me to host a contest this week to collect insider tips on places to eat and have fun during a visit to Tucson. It's part of their attempt to shine a spotlight on underrated cities by sharing this advice in its local Foursquare app when people pick up their … [Read more...]