Booking a Hotel When Your Flight Is Cancelled

There are lots of reasons to hate cancelled flights that require you to spend the night at or near the airport. But beyond the delay getting to your destination, I think the worst part is the panic of finding a hotel for the evening. Typically you don't know you need to spend the night … [Read more...]

I Was Denied Boarding by Emirates Courtesy of Alaska Airlines!

Alaska Fly and Buy Miles

This is a public service announcement: Do not buy Alaska Miles through their Fly and Buy program and then cancel your tickets! If you do, read on to see what might await you.  A few weeks ago, I decided to book myself a trip on Emirates First Class from Bangkok to the USA via Dubai. The … [Read more...]

Loyalty and Rewards Programs Are Not the Same

There’s a recent article on Huffington Post by consumer advocate Christopher Elliott circulating in the travel world, which I first found thanks to mikel51 on FlyerTalk. Elliott suggests that most airlines (United Airlines in particular) are no longer in the business of transporting … [Read more...]

One United Mile Equals 0.87 Ultimate Rewards Points

UA Miles for UR Points

UPDATE: Since there appears to be some confusion about my intentions with this post, allow me to clarify that it is not meant primarily as a criticism of Chase or Ultimate Rewards. I find their advertising language amusing, but I find lots of things amusing and it's only meant as a … [Read more...]

How to find out your Singapore Airlines menu in advance

Singapore Chicken Rice in business class Singapore to Mumbai

Those who have flown in Singapore Airlines Suites, First, or Business Class know about Book the Cook, the airline’s meal pre-order option. If you're not familiar, Scott had a post a while back detailing the options he had for an upcoming trip. The BTC choices are extensive, particularly … [Read more...]

8 Suggestions for Better Travel

I launched "Hack My Trip" two years ago without much clue as to what I was doing. It started out as more of a journal and still is in some respects. I'm fortunate that it has grown into a business that earns me a modest income, but more than that I appreciate the fact that the loyalty of … [Read more...]