Citi Prestige Makes Changes Official: Flight Points, Companion Pass Gone

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Recently one of the regular cards in my wallet has been the Citi Thank You Prestige card. Even though it's a premium card that comes with a high $400 annual fee, I've found the benefits to be worth the expense. I've especially enjoyed the Flight Points benefit, which if used properly can … [Read more...]

United and Delta’s Revenue-Based Programs Are Bad News for Corporate Travel

I was in New York last year with a day to spare and decided to look for some new travel startups. One of them was Rocketrip, and I had a nice chat with its CEO, Daniel Ruch. The basic concept behind Rocketrip is that it helps companies incentivize their workers to reduce corporate travel … [Read more...]

Hacking Award Seats to South America – All 132 Routes

Consider GIG-GRU, EZE-MDZ and LIM-CUZ are 4,500 avios, but can be upwards of $500 cash fares due to taxes.

Given our past attention to places farther from home, we round out the next part of this series with a look at award seats and routes to South America. Part 1 - Hacking Award Seats to Europe - All 403 Routes Part 2 - Hacking Award Seats to Asia - All 177 Routes Part 3 - Hacking … [Read more...]

Hacking Award Seats Down Under – All 31 Routes to Australia/NZ

gcmap - all oz-nz routes

Over the past two weeks, we looked at finding the routes with the least demand to Europe and the Asia: Hacking Award Seats to Europe - All 403 Routes - Part 1 of 5 Hacking Award Seats to Asia - All 177 Routes - Part 2 of 5 In this next short installment, we look at some of the … [Read more...]

Hyatt and MGM Create New Digital Hub for Las Vegas

Make Vegas Yours

I've been fairly impressed with Hyatt Gold Passport's online media efforts lately. They had a blog for a while, but sometime last year they relaunched Keyed into Hyatt, which has since offered some really stellar content surrounding their different properties and corporate activities. I … [Read more...]

Alaska Airlines Will Launch New Boeing Space Bins

737 Space Bins at 737 Configuration Studio

If you choose to check your bags, Alaska Airlines guarantees you'll get in in 20 minutes or less -- and promises a choice between a $25 voucher or 2,500 Mileage Plan miles (worth about $50) if it's late. But I still choose to carry on my bag on almost every flight, even when I have a dozen … [Read more...]